Thursday, August 25, 2016


luis buñuel belle de jour - 1967

classic drone series
sound, sound design, music in film

film's ending where the viewer finds themselves in the ambiguous area between dream and reality. 

this slowly unfolds with the sounds of a clock, rain, footsteps, a horse-drawn carriage, and a cat. and is interrupted occasionally with dialogue (which here has been edited out).

rené longuet - sound engineer
pierre davoust - sound assistant

in addition, rené longuet and pierre davoust did sound for le samouraï 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

trains in cinema, part 10

- woody allen - manhattan - 1979

- woody allen - sweet and lowdown - 1999

- wes anderson - the grand budapest hotel - 2014

- ann biderman - southland - 2009-2013

- guy burt - the bletchley circle - 2012

- john carpenter - halloween - 1978

- scott cooper - out of the furnace - 2013

- anton corbijn - a most wanted man - 2014

- allan cubitt - the fall - 2013

- andrew dominik - killing them softly - 2012

- fennesz / wozencroft - liquid music - 2012

- kon ichikawa - odd obsession - 1959

- jim jarmusch - only lovers left alive - 2013

- wong kar-wai - the grandmaster - 2013

- tommy lee jones - the three burials of melquiades estrada - 2015

- mike leigh - mr. turner - 2014

- david lynch - twin peaks - 1990-1991

- jim mickle - cold in july - 2014

- michael mann - manhunter - 1986

- paul mazursky - harry and tonto - 1974

- alexander payne - nebraska - 2013

- nic pizzolatto - true detective - 2014

- roman polanski - frantic - 1988

- don siegel - dirty harry - 1971

- paolo sorrentino - youth - 2015

- götz spielmann - revanche - 2008

- françois truffaut - the soft skin - 1964

- william wyler - roman holiday - 1953

- andrzej zuławski - possession - 1981

dear readers (if there are any readers left),

the humble administrator of the art of memory has moved to the fine city of new york (specifically brooklyn) and has decided to make a new attempt at working through this website.

thanks for inspiration from danny at mubi.  i will try to make entries for as many filmic and sonic inspirations as i can find here (which are o the plenty).

i let the site go dormant in the past as i didn't think anyone was interested. in addition i got some complaints for putting up sound clips from films which was frankly quite offensive. hopefully there are some fellow pursuers of the light out there, and i will give it another go.

i started with some images i collected mostly around 2014-15 of trains. more to come....


Sunday, August 21, 2016

so with their eyes, as only to weep for

johnny cosmos was born in the city of angels in the early 1970s. he studied photography and sound-design with bolesław okoniewski in poland and later made a name for himself editing film (under a moniker) for many los angeles pornographers. he has a small body of work invisible birds plans to release digitally in the following period of time

Friday, July 15, 2016

a flemish visitor

two popular songs for the youth of america, reinterpreted through the luminous hands of jan van eyck, and later that evening envisioned by ingenting kollektiva

these two songs originally conceived in february 2013 (i might be dreaming) and august 2012 (i am close to the edge), and modified slightly for this release (mainly i might be dreaming)

i might be dreaming
- mutilated cover of a song by a young man from aberdeen who died quite young

i am close to the edge - destroyed cover of a song by a couple from duluth

Monday, May 30, 2016

urge along the pathways of the sky

urge along the pathways of the sky; being a 57 minute sound experience, obsessively investigating satyajit ray’s film pather panchali (first in the apu trilogy from the year 1955) as source material, with a concentration on sound design and field recording elements from the film. music by r. shankar, sound recording by bhupen ghosh, samir ghosh and durgacharan mitra.  mixed by matthew swiezynski of the ingenting kollektiva. includes rain, elements, birds, night sounds, trains, fuzz, drone, interrupted music, and speech fragments. next installment will be the 2nd and 3rd in the apu trilogy.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

in this world we walk on the roof of hell, gazing at flowers

asphodel special edition with hand made sleeve by wounded wolf press
there are some more copies for sale at wounded wolf press

comes in a two panel hardcover sleeve binded with handmade natural paper

designed and handcrafted at wounded wolf press
a personal dedication card to buyer

bonus disc komorebi

8pp pamphlet of linear notes, poetry and old maps
regular weight red & black marbled vinyl.

title by kobayashi issa